China's new research direction in the field of communications will establish a global leading position

China has made a lead in 5G technology, currently in 6G technology also fifty percent patent, in the face of China's leading the United States trying to star chain and alliance cooperation research and development in 6G technology, but China is not completely entangled in this, but opened up a new communication technology, is expected to completely solve 5G, 6G and star chain cannot solve the problem.

More advanced communication technologies than 5G, 6G and Starlink should be neutrino communication technology, and the technology competition is already launched between Europe, the United States and China, and this technology will solve the current problems of mobile communication technology.

5G, 6G and starlink communication technology such as large capacity, high speed wireless data and low delay, need to use high frequency band, 6G more is expected to adopt terahertz frequency, but the high frequency band biggest problem is penetration is too weak, after the American commercial 5G millimeter wave technology shows even raindrops can block 5G signal, 5G centimeter wave technology cannot effectively penetrate obstacles such as walls, so the current Chinese operators began to adopt 700 MHz, 900 MHz 5G network construction.

Although the star chain claims to cover the whole world, but the star chain can only provide signal in open areas, tunnels and indoor can not receive the signal of the star chain. In addition, the current mobile communication technology and satellite technology can not effectively solve the communication problems of the ocean, for example, submarines face communication difficulties when sailing underwater.

All this problem is not a problem for neutrino communication, neutrino penetration is extremely strong, beyond the thickness of several kilometers of rock block neutrinos, seawater, of course, also stop neutrinos, and the reliability of neutrino communication, far more than the current mobile communication technology and satellite communication technology is reliable, these advantages promote the global countries development of neutrino communication technology. Although neutrino communication has many advantages, it is also very technically difficult. Neutrinos almost do not react with any matter, and it is also extremely difficult to capture neutrinos. At present, the neutrino reception facilities established in various countries around the world are very large, which leads to the slow progress of the research and development of neutrino communication technology.

China is precisely leading the world in neutrino communication technology. China has successfully developed a special transmitter to transmit information with the help of neutrinos, and has also built a self-developed neutrino signal receiving facility, which is the first country in the world to fully self-develop neutrino communication equipment. China is in the global leading position in neutrino communication technology, is that China has a lot of mathematical and chemical talents, and the Chinese talent in science and technology research and development, in fact the current field of many technology has the Chinese, especially in the field of chip has a large number of Chinese people engaged in technology research and development work in the United States, have proved that China's unique advantages in science and technology research and development.